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JUDr. Jan Onheiser – partner




Czech attorney bar n. 10 521

JUDr. Jan Onheiser specialize to commercial law, corporation law, public relations and advertisement, IP and electronic communication law. 


Mgr. et Ing. Ivona Miechová – partner


Czech attorney bar n. 11 958

Mgr. Ivona Miechová graduated on Pilsen Law faculty specialized to arbitration. 


Mgr. Miechová is enrolled as a bankruptcy trustee at Municipal court of Prague. 


JUDr. Vlasta Houdková – cooperating attorney


Czech attorney bar n. 0961

JUDr. Vlasta Houdková specialized in crises management, bankruptcy trustee and commercial law. 


JUDr. Houdková is enrolled as a bankruptcy trustee at Municipal court of Prague. 


JUDr. Monika Šnoblová – cooperating attorney 


Czech attorney bar n. 13811

JUDr. Monika Šnoblová is oriented to debt administration and enforcement. 


Mgr. Petr Vyšanský – cooperating attorney


Czech attorney bar n. 09282

Mgr. Petr Vyšanský is specialized to real estate law and family law includind divorces. 





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